Insight is the eLearning portal associated with your purchase of PTEXAM: The Complete Study Guide and PTAEXAM: The Complete Study Guide. Access the full-length multiple-choice examinations included in the best-selling review books, explore in-depth performance analysis features, review video explanations, and explore even more academic content in What’s New.
Scorebuilders has made a massive investment in technology and uses this competitive advantage to provide students with the most realistic testing experience possible. Continuous innovation and commitment to technology widens the gap between Scorebuilders and all other licensing companies.

Sample Examinations

Insight includes hundreds of clinically-oriented examination questions that simulate the complexity of the NPTE. Expansive explanations of the correct and incorrect options allow candidates to quickly identify essential academic content and improve decision making. The sample examinations are balanced to the exact specifications of the current NPTE blueprints and include video and scenario-based questions.

Performance Analysis

A sophisticated performance analysis section allows candidates to directly compare their results to the mean score of all other candidates. This type of data is far more valuable than only percentile scores since the mean accounts for the relative difficulty of each exam. A Mastery Meter with labels ranging from “superior” to “poor” is used to classify a candidate’s performance.

Item Analysis

The item analysis feature allows candidates to identify the percentage of candidates answering the question correctly and the specific percentages of candidates selecting each of the four options. Candidates can utilize this information to critically evaluate their approach to answering questions and improve future decision making.

What's New

We have always believed that sleep is overrated! As soon as we release a new edition of our review book we immediately get to work on creating the next edition. Insight includes a What's New section which delivers updates several times a year to existing users of the current edition.


Insight is fully scalable, meaning that you can access the sample examinations on your personal computer, tablet or mobile device. Our goal was to create a revolutionary eLearning site compatible with your busy lifestyle.