We are pleased to introduce our new eLearning site called Insight. This online portal will serve as the location for students to access the multiple-choice examinations associated with PTEXAM: The Complete Study Guide and PTAEXAM: The Complete Study Guide. We are extremely excited to move to an online format from the previous CD format and look forward to showing you the increased sophistication of the performance analysis section.

Sample Examinations

We have added hundreds of new clinically-oriented examination questions and in the process, significantly increased the difficulty level of our sample examinations to simulate the complexity of the National Physical Therapy Examinations'. Expansive explanations of the correct and incorrect options allow candidates to quickly identify essential academic content and improve decision making. The sample examinations are balanced to the exact specifications of the current National Physical Therapy Examinations blueprints.

Sample Question Analysis

The sample question analysis is a true game changer and one of the most obvious benefits of moving to an online format. We now have the ability to collect testing data from every candidate who uses this resource. This allows us to report items such as the percentage of candidates answering each question correctly and the percentage of candidates that select each of the four possible options. This level of detail is unavailable with any other resource and allows candidates to gain unprecedented information on their individual exam performance.

Performance Assessment

A sophisticated performance analysis section allows candidates to directly compare their results to the mean score of all other candidates. This type of data is far more valuable than only percentile scores since the mean accounts for the relative difficulty of each exam. A Mastery Meter with labels ranging from “superior” to “poor” is used to classify a candidate’s performance.


Insight is fully scalable, meaning that you can access the sample examinations on your personal computer, tablet or mobile device. Our goal was to create a revolutionary eLearning site compatible with your busy lifestyle.